Case Study

I started off with a couple ideas on what I wanted to do, then chose the one I liked the most, which was the Adidas/shoes idea. I began with gather my pictures that I wanted to use, and put them all into one document in Photoshop. First, I arranged them on the page where I would like them to go. Next I would duplicate the layer, lock my bottom one marking where I would like it to go and move the unlocked one to the center of the page and begin to crop out everything I don’t need. After I did that, I put the images of the shoes together to create one whole new shoe. Then I started going with the pen tool and making geometric shapes of the shoes and filling them with the base color of the shoe. After I set my background gave it a filter, and picked my color palette, started to fill the shapes with the colors to make a cool looking color blocked shoe and that’s how I came up with it.