Case Study



  1. Hyper-realism
  2. Cubism
  3. Collage


Designer: Bryan Ayala
Duration: September 7th, 2016 – December 21st, 2016




  • Intro: The first assignment of Digital Imaging and I choose to do a ‘Candy Land’ type of environment. I used pictures of candy, such as twizzlers, cotton candy and sprinkles to name some a few, and an ice cream truck, along with the background.


  • Goal: To create a life-like candy land environment like on the board game.


  • Methods: To make it look realist, as if you can walk outside and see this with your very eyes. Change the opacity in the sprinkles on the grass, darkened the ice cream truck to make it look like it belongs there, made things smaller as it went farther and farther away


  • Challenges: The cotton candy clouds, I wanted to make them look more cloud-like but it was kind of difficult and also deciding what else to add to the ‘candy land’ themed project.


  • Results: I liked my results but would like to improve more on it, work even more on it outside of class. I think I did a good job on the ice cream truck and I loved the concept since candy land was a game that I enjoyed playing as a kid a lot.




  • Intro: The second assignment of Digital Imaging, I choose to do a ‘Adidas’ shoe for this project. Put 4 of Adidas most popular shoes, and some of my favorites into one. I used pictures of Kanye West’s Yeezy boost 350, ultra-boost, palace pros and Stan Smiths. I didn’t have a specific artist style that I had, I googled up cubism and was mostly attracted to the geometric style.


  • Goal: to create a new shoe using all 4 shoes and break it up geometrically having it look like a whole new shoe.


  • Challenges: I think having a good background/backdrop and making it look like a cubism piece.


  • Results: I made it look like one shoe, but could have worked more on putting more geometric shapes into it, I still want to work on it and used much smaller pieces then the ones I used to compose the shoes, and change the color palate, I didn’t like the end result when it came to the colors. The blues didn’t work that well with the background I used.




  • Intro: The last project of Digital Imaging, I wanted to stick to the ‘Adidas’ theme I used in my cubist piece. I choose to create a commercial for them. I stuck to the same shoes.


  • Goal: To create a commercial that is 30 seconds long for Adidas promoting their popular shoes out at the moment.


  • Challenges: Having the picture match up with a certain part in the instrumental I used, I either got it before or after the certain note. Also having it being 30 seconds long, I thought it was too much at first but then thought it was too little towards the end. Some cropping of the images as well and learning to use the timeline feature.


  • Results: I liked the end result, the only things I would choose is the instrumental I used, have one with more notes, and I would incorporate different angles when having the shoe on feet. Other than that I liked the end result of the ‘commercial’ out of all 3 assignments if I had to choose my most favorite one it would be this one, it was hard work and learning to use the timeline method but at the end I found it to be very fun.