Final Project



Final Exam

            The elements used in my final project include shapes, value, and color. The entire picture plane is being utilized and is also activated. I used a complementary color to show interest in the negative space. Convex shapes are somewhat being utilized in my final project, when you go around the negative space and follow it makes a triangle. The composition is balanced but asymmetrical, visual weight is distributed evenly throughout the entire picture plane. As for visual flow, there are many things that help move your eye around, one is repetition in color and shape, another example is directional forces, the ends of the triangles are like pointers directing your eye to another triangle and the cycle keeps on repeating itself. The primary focal point of the image is the only red triangle on the picture plane. It adheres to the rule of thirds. It uses location among center as a strategy. The illusion of space though the painting is created by value, there are lighter and cooler values of the colors in the piece and also with scale, the size of the triangles are different. I used red and green to show simultaneous contrast and also yellow and orange. The painting has a warm temperature more than a cool temperature.

The concept behind my project was to show caution, it shows that with the emotion I convey through the piece. Color, value, my focal point helped me convey that concept. My words were triangles, repetition, and caution. The way I looked at it was like a traffic light with the colors, the background is what helps your eye move around and the color used is green, then the triangles are yellow/orange, the color in the middle, which means to slow down. Once you look at the triangle the directional lines point to the next and it repeats. Finally, you get to the red triangle which is the focal point. I decided to paint it in red, which means to stop, so your eye is drawn directly to that in the beginning and at the end.

The project is successful as a whole, but there is always room for improvement, like the color scheme and showing value, and of course in craftsmanship. The design demonstrates the understanding of the principles of organization with negative/positive space, figure/ground relationship, contrast, and repetition. Emphasis, harmony/balance and directional forces. The design applies the basic elements and principles of the composition, the entire focal point is activated, has visual flow and there is a focal point. The design demonstrates the understanding and ability to apply basic concepts of color with complementary colors, simultaneous contrast, color temperature and value. There is attention to detail and professional craftsmanship but can be approved. The design overall conveys the intended meaning.