Favorite KAWS Piece

Dissected KAWS Companion

KAWS is perhaps my favorite artist out there right now, I knew of his work, he designed Kanyes 808’s and Heartbreaks album artwork, but I didn’t know who had designed it. Then I stumbled upon his instagram account and finally knew who he was, I was fascinated by his artwork, especially his vinyl figures and how he let others have a piece of his work whether it be through these “toys” or the clothing he designed. Dissected companion (in black) is my favorite work of his. I like how it shows the outside half of his body, all blacked out, the you get to the inside, a colorful core with blues, yellows, pinks and greens.I also like it because Companion sort of looks like Mickey Mouse in a way, and some of KAWS work is based from things he like as a kid, like spongebob, the smerfs, the simpsons etc.

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