Why I Like To Shoot with Film


Kodak Film

Shooting in film is fun, it was used before all of the DSLRs were introduced. Taking your film and loading it, into your camera, is something that I like, I do not know why but I do. Then you have the number of exposures you have, or the number of pictures you can take, 24 or 36 are the pretty common ones for Kodak. When taking your pictures you have to be careful, you only have a certain amount shots you can take. Just going around with your camera photographing is great, and you never know how it will come out until you get it developed and that is the fun part. You can take pictures and pictures, go through film rolls before getting them developed, once you do it is amazing to see what your pictures came out like, not remembering that you took that one picture. It’s just really fun.

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